Crafted Visions, Realised

Welcome to Plastinax Eyewear

Located in the vibrant heart of Mauritius, we’ve been crafting exceptional injected sunglasses, optical frames, and safety eyewear since 1976. As a proud member of the renowned “ENL Group,” we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner in delivering eyewear excellence.

Injection & Decoration

The arts of injection molding and decoration are at the core of our business. It’s here that we meticulously craft every frame with precision and innovation, and give them mesmerising coloration and finishes.

Our cutting-edge machinery, eco-conscious material choices, and patented techniques bring life to eyewear that truly stands out.

OEM & Private Label

We’re dedicated to bringing your eyewear vision to life through our OEM and Private Label services. Whether you’re looking to create a unique eyewear line that reflects your brand’s identity or launch eyewear products under your own label, our experienced teams are here to collaborate and make it happen. With tailored solutions that cater to your specific requirements, we ensure your brand stands out in the competitive eyewear market.

Our Latest Collection

Explore our diverse collection, where style meets innovation. From classic to cutting-edge, our frames reflect our passion for high-quality and innovative eyewear. Whether you choose from our open molds or seek to customize, our commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence ensures you find eyewear that not only suits your style but also exceeds your expectations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is at the heart of our manufacturing process. We’re committed to eco-friendly practices, using materials like Grilamid TR-90 Green, derived from castor bean oil.

Our innovative technologies minimize waste and energy consumption, while our dedication to responsible manufacturing extends to every aspect of our production. Join us in shaping a greener, more sustainable future through every pair of eyewear we create.

Worldwide Shipping

We ensure that our finely crafted frames reach you, no matter where you are in the world. With competitive rates and efficient logistics, we seamlessly connect the globe, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transit from our factory to your doorstep.

Experience the convenience of worldwide shipping as we bring the world of eyewear to your doorstep, ensuring you stay connected to style and innovation no matter your location.