Development And Manufacturing

Our drive for excellence is embodied in every step of our development and manufacturing process. Explore the intricate journey that transforms concepts into exceptional eyewear.

Design And Conceptualization

The magic of eyewear creation begins with a comprehensive design brief, a blueprint that outlines the vision and requirements for the frames. From this starting point, our talented team translates ideas into detailed 3D renderings, breathing life into the initial concepts. This is the stage where innovation meets artistry as ideas evolve into tangible prototypes.

These prototypes are pivotal in transforming concepts into reality, serving as the bridge between imagination and practical production. Once the prototypes receive approval, the tooling process kicks off, setting the foundation for the remarkable journey toward the creation of exceptional eyewear.

Product Development Process

Design Brief

3D Rendering



Product Development Process

Design Brief

3D Rendering



Step 1


With our injection machine park, we have a production capacity of approximately 100,000 per month. This is the initial and arguably one of the most important steps during production. With our highly skilled and trained operators as well as our technician’s expertise, every injection machine is calibrated to provide the best possible injection settings for each and every different frame we manufacture. Coloration is also done here where pigments are added with the selected plastic and rubber granules prior to injection.

Step 2

Tumbling & Assembly

Once injected, the frames are placed into tumbling barrels to remove all the rough edges and imperfections and prepare the frames for decoration. The next step is assembly where front and temples are assembled together using automatic screwing machines before moving to the decoration and varnishing stage.

Step 3

Decoration & Varnishing

From simple fades to more complex and intricate patterns, we are very proud of the performance of our decoration department. With the use of high-precision spraying guns and coupled with the triple injection technology, the added decoration allows for lots of options and nuance in a frame. The final varnish can provide completely different touches and feels with options such as shiny, matte, and soft. Limitless options and possibilities!

Step 4

Lens Cutting & Finishing

We use high-performance lens cutting machines for intricate lens shapes and a smooth finish for effortless glazing and lens integrity once mounted in the frames. Lens engraving can also be done as per customer requests. Finally, the application of logos, rubber, temples tips, and final temple markings are done before the frames are ready for final inspection.

Step 5

Quality Control

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Throughout the production process, our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance system is in action. There are three critical quality inspection points, ensuring that each frame meets our exacting standards.

Step 6


All are our finished goods are carefully packed in boxes with customers’ specific packaging accessories if any, and shipped worldwide via the selected forwarder. We mostly ship by air with competitive rates to ensure a quick and hassle free transit from our factory to the customer’s door step.

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